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Important information about the circumcision and the radical or partial circumcision of the male foreskin

Urologe während der Circumcision oder Phimose-OP

Urologist during circumcision or phimosis surgery

What is a circumcision and why is it there?

The circumcision - German spelling circumcision - describes the radical or partial circumcision of the foreskin in the male member. The circumcision is performed by trained urologists and can be performed on an outpatient basis in most cases.

The circumcision from a religious or cultural point of view

In the media and the public, the circumcision is described as a religious or cultural ritual that is often performed on the Jewish or Muslim population.

This overlooks the fact that there are quite a variety of different reasons for a circumcision. Religious or cultural circumcision is only a part of the full scope of radical or partial male circumcision. The entry at Wikipedia is therefore not described in its entirety.

Eltern mit Jungen, die eine Phimose haben entscheiden sich oft für eine Beschneidung

Parents of boys who have phimosis often choose to have them circumcised

The circumcision from a medical point of view

Even if Wikipedia states that the number of medically indicated circumcisions, e.g. because of phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin), is rather low, an astonishing number of boys between the ages of 2 and 8 years suffer from painful phimosis, which is then finally treated by the urologist or pediatrician with a radical or partial circumcision.

How is circumcision related to diabetes?

According to urologists, 30-40 percent of all men suffering from diabetes also develop a foreskin, the so-called phimosis. Of course, phimosis does not necessarily have to lead to an operation, but it is often unavoidable in order to reduce the pain in the male organ.

Especially among the older generation (over 40) who have to undergo a circumcision for medical reasons, the fear that this outpatient procedure could have long-term consequences is relatively high. But even if circumcision is a physical intervention, urology has now progressed so far that the risk of an incorrect operation has become relatively low.

Another important aspect of circumcision is wound healing after the operation. We have created a guide for wound healing after circumcision that you can download here free of charge to familiarize yourself with the risks of circumcision.

Ratgeber - die zehn häufigsten Probleme nach einer Phimose OP

The ten most common mistakes in circumcision - download guide

Circumcision as an ideal of beauty?

In addition to the religious-cultural circumcision and the medically necessary phimosis surgery, there are also other reasons that make a circumcision appear sensible. If you want to have the foreskin removed for aesthetic reasons, you are well advised to consult an experienced urologist as the attending physician.

Hygiene and Prevention of Venereal Diseases by Circumcision

There are also worldwide discussions about whether a circumcision makes sense for hygienic reasons. This removes the Langerhans cells found in the foreskin. Viruses can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. Circumcision also prevents sexually transmitted diseases, as it prevents the production of smegma.

Conclusion for or against a circumcision:

There are many reasons why men choose to have a circumcision or why parents choose to have their boys circumcised. In our opinion, reducing this circumcision to a purely religious or cultural aspect does not go far enough. There are understandable and proven reasons why a circumcision is advantageous from a medical point of view. You can find more information about the removal of the male foreskin on Wikipedia

Anyone who decides on a circumcision naturally wants to keep the time after the circumcision as pain-free as possible and enable optimal wound healing. We offer our phimosis pants (also called genital protection pants) to phimosis patients or people after genital surgery. The air-permeable protector cup allows air to circulate naturally and the flexible material is comfortable to wear.

If you have any questions or would like non-binding advice, our service team will be happy to help you via Whatsapp +49 1573 9121743 or send us an email to ask your question

Schnellere Wundheilung nach der Circumcision dank perforiertem Protektorkörbchen

Faster wound healing after the circumcision thanks to the perforated protector cup